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Winter maintenance of food truck

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Winter maintenance of food truck:

   In the cold winter, the outside temperature of the food truck is relatively low, and some equipment needs special maintenance and protection in the low temperature environment, and the multifunctional food truck is no exception. In order to ensure its normal use, it must be well maintained in winter. So do we know how to do it?

     1. Multifunctional food truck The food truck is equipped with a full set of functions such as cooking and frying, which can be completed in the car, and the dining car itself has good safety, reliability, and low cost performance.

     2. When traveling in winter, the tires of the food truck should not be too inflated, increase the area between the tires and the road surface, and avoid slipping; when traveling, try to move down as much as possible, and don't brake quickly.

     3. In winter, the road is slippery and the center is unstable. It is easy to draw a lot forward when braking, causing unnecessary incidents.

Include 3 tanks slush machine,automatic donut machine,griddle, churro machine, and 4 water tank
Include griddle, fryer, steamer, gas stove, freezer, and 2 water sinks
Include coffee machine, ice cream showcase, vertical boiler and 2 water sinks
Include several wine racks, freezer and bar refrigerators and 2 water sinks
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