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What problems should be paid attention to when driving mobile food truck in winter

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It's winter now, so the important question is coming. What problems should we pay attention to when driving the mobile food truck? The following is a brief introduction of its related knowledge by Xiaobian.

1. Don't brake on ice and snow road. If the speed is too fast, the tire is too narrow and the tire pressure is too high, it will cause a fall accident;

2. Don't make sharp turns on icy roads;

3. Don't drive a mobile food truck on the ice ridge;

4. Don't drive downhill on icy roads. Another drawback of driving on ice and snow roads is skid. How to prevent skid in the process food truck? In fact, when driving a mobile food truck on a snowy day, when you want to brake when you enter a curve, try to use the rear brake as much as possible, otherwise you are prone to sideslip. In addition, when braking, try to keep the car body perpendicular to the road. When passing through sections with severe ice, try not to brake, and try to control the speed with the accelerator.

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