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Street Mobile Push Hand Type Ice Cream Cart

Mobile mini ice cream cart with ice cream freezer with L1.72*W1.05*2.06m size suitable to sale ice cream at outside
  • GL-A610
  • Glory

Street Mobile Push Hand Type Ice Cream Cart 

A系列冰淇淋花车 (2)

Describration of ice cream cart 

About the mobile ice cream cart Customizable color and LOGO, Customize the whole cart, 

with your own logo, one cart can be one shop.

Anti-fog glass: Low-e imported raw glass sheet, covered by electric heating film to prevent fogging.
Interior can be placed in a variety of structural forms such as pans, barrel,stick and so on. 

Besides, our cart is installed four big wheels with one small wheel and water-proof canvas, water sink, which is convenient for our clients to push or pull outside the street, beach, park or some event to protect from the damage the sun and the rain.

Technology Parameter of ice cream cart 

Ice cream push cart specification
6 buckets or 10 box
-18 degree to -20 degree

Details Picture of ice cream cart 

A系列冰淇淋花车 (29)

A系列冰淇淋花车 (28)

A系列冰淇淋花车 (1)

Ice creat cart high quality part picture 

A系列冰淇淋花车 (27)

A系列冰淇淋花车 (20)

A系列冰淇淋花车 (25)

A系列冰淇淋花车 (34)A系列冰淇淋花车 (25)

A系列冰淇淋花车 (26)

A系列冰淇淋花车 (19)

A系列冰淇淋花车 (19)A系列冰淇淋花车 (18)

A系列冰淇淋花车 (21)

Dear customer, followings are some steps for your reference, hope it can make help for you:

1-You need to contact our sales to discuss your specific requirement regarding the ice cream push cart.
2- Our design team create and revise the design according to your personal requests.
3-We sign the contract after the design has been approved.
4-50% as the production deposit should be sent.
5- We build the cosmetics wall display according to the approved design.
6- Quality inspection.
7- We make package.
8- You arrange the balance.
9- Arrange shipping for you.
10- We provide technique guide service for you.

If you are interested in,feel free to contact us.

Contact person: Sue Ma
Email: sueglory@outlook.com
Mob/Whatsapp: 86-15093205134

Product Inquiry
Include 3 tanks slush machine,automatic donut machine,griddle, churro machine, and 4 water tank
Include griddle, fryer, steamer, gas stove, freezer, and 2 water sinks
Include coffee machine, ice cream showcase, vertical boiler and 2 water sinks
Include several wine racks, freezer and bar refrigerators and 2 water sinks
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