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New 3.5m Mobile Bbq Food Trailer Australia Street Sanck Food Trailer With Cooking Equipment

  • GL-FR300WD
  • Glory
Choose Our small bbq food trailer Advantage:
1. Our snack small bbq food trailer diversified business model, no light season, no risk management.
2, Don't need high store rent, multi-functional snack food truck venue costs are low, the floor space is small, eliminating the need for high transfer fees, rental fees, renovation costs and other costs.

3, the multi-functional small bbq food trailer body appearance is attractive, the advertising effect is good, and it is different. The multi-functional snack food truck is indeed a rare business tool, very suitable for freelancers.

Small bbq food trailer parameter:

YGL-FR300WD food cart
Dimensions of cart body
Dimensions with trailer
Working table height
Working table width
Smart small bbq food trailer Details:
Attractive Outlook: small bbq food trailer Details has newest design, especially the sliding windows, The small bbq food trailer Details body is beautiful in
appearance with serval selling windows, the advertising effect is good, and it is different.

food trailer

small bbq food trailer Different side show

No need for high store rent, multi-functional snack food  trailer has low site cost, small floor space, and exempts high transfer fees,rental fees, renovation fees, etc

Small bbq food trailer Inner Equipment

Double sinks, stainless steel working table, socket, cabinet, equipments can be installed in food trailer directly as your requirement

FR300WD绿色美国 (50)

Small bbq food trailer Design Drawing

Before produce design:
Just share your ideas with us, our professsional design department will make the design photos with you if needed.

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