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Household Car Use Dedicated Output 24g Ozone Machine Air Cleaner Purifier For Sell Italy

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Household Car Use Dedicated Output 24g Ozone Machine Air Cleaner Purifier For Sell Italy

Description of Air Cleaner Purifier:
Air Cleaner Purifier uses the principle of ozone light discharge to air as the main raw material, and uses crawl discharge technology to promote the release of high concentration ozone. Ozone is known as the one of the strongest oxidants. At a certain concentration, it can quickly kill various harmful bacteria in water and air. It is a broad-spectrum high-efficiency sterilization and disinfectant recognized by the world.

The Air Cleaner Purifier machine can be adapted to various places, powerful, and versatile

Air Cleaner Purifier Application :

The main scope of application of air cleaner purifier:
The product is widely used in pure water, beverage water treatment, sewage treatment of different media, reclaimed water reuse, food company purification, medicine, chemical oxidation, medical hygiene, living quarters, swimming pool, self-provided well, water tank, animal husbandry and aquaculture , Cold storage and other fields of water quality disinfection, wastewater gas treatment, ozone oxidation, air disinfection and sterilization and other occasions.

Air Cleaner Purifier Features:

1. Long-life alloy slurry ceramic ozone sheet, matching a dedicated integrated power module, good heat dissipation.
2. Pure copper 12CM blower, large air volume, easy to dissipate heat and diffuse ozone.
3. With timing switch function, 5-60min for easy operation.
4. Sterilization function. Drainage for the pool, aquarium. For indoor and outdoor air cleaning, semiconductor production, and production of washing products.
5. Oxidation function. For pulp bleaching, removal of nitrogen chloride, house renovation, tap water to iron, spice production.
6. Deodorization function. Used in sewage treatment plants, livestock farms, livestock slaughterhouses, toilets, etc.
7. Portable, easy for professional DIY use.
8. Low power consumption, so it will help you to save power.

9. Safe, quiet and efficient.

10. The cooling fan with fine heat dissipation can make the life of this machine longer.

11. Take advantage of high voltage, use dry air or oxygen in the air as raw material to produce ozone.

Machine packaging information

Before packing
After packaging

1.Why choose us?

What we can do is that, whatever customer you are, big or small, as long as we reach a deal and start the business, we will keep words confirmed during the negotion. 

It means we will keep a very close eye on the process to avoid any mistakes. Our team will carry on the agreed standard strictly to inspect the aluminum products before they deliver to the next step. 


2.What is your terms of payment?

Please T/T us 30% deposit when place order, 70% balance will be paid when order is finish and before delivery


3.What is the lead time of sample?

It depends on different models and quantity.


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