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Have you noticed the details of the design of the multifunctional snack food cart?

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Set barbecue, frying, scalding, Teppanyaki for a multi-functional snack food cart, can be arbitrarily combined, fried, scalding, Teppanyaki, barbecue multiple functions. Gas, charcoal, gas and charcoal. Convenient and affordable, flexible flow, is a popular choice for entrepreneurship. It seems like a small snack food cart, in fact, contains a lot of design details. The unique secondary air inlet, thermal cycle and heat storage radiation structure are selected for the furnace body. The carefully planned position of charcoal fire can make charcoal burning abundant, smoke-free and fly ash free, completely avoiding the oil dripping into the charcoal fire when baking food, and pushing the unique dry flavor of traditional charcoal baking to the extreme. Conditioning firepower, according to the characteristics of food, self conditioning firepower size, to ensure that all kinds of food can achieve the baking effect, overcome the shortcomings of traditional charcoal baking is very easy to burn food, and the amount of charcoal can save more than 50%. For heat preservation, the furnace body adopts the heat storage and heat preservation plan, so the heat is no longer distributed outside the furnace body, and the operators no longer have to endure the smoke and fire, so the operation is more simple, convenient and flexible. When baking food, there is no need to turn over repeatedly, which reduces the labor intensity. When baking, the food is heated evenly, the baking speed is faster, and the yield is higher. Streamlined body planning, products with compact structure, novel shape, beautiful appearance, fast speed, strong climbing ability, driving mileage.

Include 3 tanks slush machine,automatic donut machine,griddle, churro machine, and 4 water tank
Include griddle, fryer, steamer, gas stove, freezer, and 2 water sinks
Include coffee machine, ice cream showcase, vertical boiler and 2 water sinks
Include several wine racks, freezer and bar refrigerators and 2 water sinks
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