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Chinese Factory OEM Mobile Food Trailer And Food Truck Popcorn for Street Snack Corn

Dimensions of body:(L)250 x (W)200 x (H)230cm
Dimensions of Trailer:(L)370 x (W)200 x (H) 230cm
Colors:White, Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Gray, Black, etc
Water sinks:
  • GL-FR250WD
  • Glory
  • FR250WD

Food Truck Parameter: 

Model YT-FR250WD 
Dimension of Body (L)250 x (W)200 x (H)230cm
Dimension of Trailer L370*W200*H230cm
Weight 550kg
Color Customized

food trailer 250WD (4)


1).Wheels: Single-axle ,165/70R13;

2).Chassis: 50mm*100mm、40mm*60mm *2.0mm、 50mm*70mm *2.5mm galvanized square tubes,and 4 lifting jacks;

3).Frame: Body is 25mm*25mm*1.5mm galvanized square tube, Arc frame is 50mm*50mm*2.0mmgalvanized square tube;

4).Inside Wall: 3.5mm thickness aluminum plastic board (the back working bench is with a height of 50cm,1.0mm thickness stainless steel Panel),28mm thickness black insulation cotton;

5).External Wall: 1.0mm thickness galvanized sheet;
6).Working Table: 1.0mm thickness stainless steel & 4mm thickness wooden board;
7).Corridor: 1.0mm thickness galvanized sheet,8mm wooden board & 1.5mm non-slip aluminum sheet;
8).Electric System: 4square meter wires (220V cart),and 32A cable box,/ 6square meter wires (110V cart) and 64A cable box, 5pcs sockets,1.2m length light tube,2pcs tail lights,1pc of connector,1pc of external power socket,single wire system,and 2pcs reflectors;
9).Water Cycle System: Double stainless steel water sinks with 3000W hot/cold water tap,24V/35W/4L per min/1Mpa automatic water pump,2x25Lplastic water tanks,and 1 water floor drain.

Detailed Image

food trailer 250WD (5)

food trailer 250WD (9)

food trailer 250WD (14)

food trailer 250WD (8)

Small bbq food trailer Inner Equipment

Double sinks, stainless steel working table, socket, cabinet, equipments can be installed in food trailer directly as your requirement

food trailer 250WD (41)

food trailer 250WD (40)

About Customized Part

1.No problem to make design according to your equip. request

2.No problem to lengthen the cart

3.No problem to install cabinet under the working table

4.No problem that you are 1.9m tall

5.No problem to make 2 side sales windows

6.No problem to customize your logo

7.No problem to print the color you like

food trailer 250WD (30)

Contact person: Sue Ma
Email: sueglory@outlook.com
Mob/Whatsapp: 86-15093205134

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